Tax Services

Work with a tax expert who will listen to your questions, give you answers in terms you can understand, and provide options for the best way to save money on your taxes and make good financial decisions.

Client Portal

Our secure Client Portal allows clients to upload tax documents and retrieve copies of tax returns and filings. Upload documents as you get them and have your taxes prepared from the comfort of your home or office.

Tax Prep Checklist

Use this handy checklist of items and information that will be necessary for the preparation of your tax returns. Be sure to send these items to the office via the Client Portal or bring them with you to your tax appointment.

Professional Tax Services with a Personal Approach

Kyle Currier is an independent CPA with over 20 years experience helping individuals and businesses with their tax needs. She looks for all opportunities to help her clients save money on their taxes, grow their businesses, maximize their retirement, and make the best financial decisions for their future. She believes preparing tax returns should be a conversation between herself and her client – ensuring all options are explored and cost saving measures are taken.

Why hire a CPA?

CPAs are tax experts who can file your personal taxes, business’s taxes, answer important financial questions and, potentially, save your and your business money. While CPAs have accounting degrees, they are different from traditional accountants. 

CPA’s are accountants who are tax experts:

  • Tested
  • Educated
  • Regulated

As an individual, if you have a high income, inheritance or trust, have questions about planning for retirement, or otherwise have concerns over your taxable income and filing options, working with a CPA can save you a lot of time, headaches, and money every year.

As a business owner, a CPA will assist you with choosing a business structure that helps you best manage your tax liability, provide advice on a major business decisions, and help with other financial decisions and planning that a growing business needs.

Learn more about how a CPA can help you.

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